My DotNet Life

Hi There! You've just reached my new blog. I used to have an infrequently-updated blog at a programming site but decided that  I should just host it myself.

Who am I you ask? I've been a .NET Developer since 2006 and the changes in the industry continually amaze me. Who would have thought a few years back that Microsoft would embrace open source? Or the plethora of programming tools that have come out, many of them free?

I try to keep a foot in the Linux world as well. I still remember the first Linux Journal issue announcing the release of Kernel 1.0 - people thought this was never going to happen as it got to 0.99 and they just kept bumping up the patch level. In the past, when supporting existing code, I've worked with Perl and PHP code and can see their advantages.

Keep an eye on this page as I write about interesting information I come across.